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Monday, July 22

Today is a name day for
Marija, Marika, Marina


Address "Krasti", Madliena parish, Ogre municipality
Phone +371 65055670, 29426836, 26596187
E-mail krasti@zskrasti.lv
WWW www.zskrasti.lv


The campsite is located in a picturesque place overlooking the river Ogre on the grounds of the leisure complex Krasti. The accommodation in "barrel houses" for two or four people and tent places are available.

Various recreational possibilities are offered:

  • equipment rentals, picnic areas;
  • Tent places;
  • Boating on the Ogre River (boat rentals);
  • Campfire places;
  • Sports activities;
  • Fishing in the Ogre River;
  • Gazebo with a built-in grill;
  • Sauna for 10-20 people;
  • Paintball;
  • Volleyball court;
  • Beach.