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Welcome to Ogre city in winter time

From the time when we begin counting the days to Christmas until the 14th of February, Ogre dresses up for the holidays in a way that brings joy to... Read more

Published: 2023/12/12

TOP 10 sights in Ogre

Ogre is a small, green town within a 40-minute-drive from the capital Riga. Nature is all over the town, which is rich in scenic walks and great opportunities... Read more

Published: 2023/10/31

TOP 10 sights in Ogre Municipality

Ogre Municipality offers a chance to explore cultural and historical sites, to relax in nature and to admire beautiful landscapes. You are welcome to use your... Read more

Published: 2023/09/10

City Festivals

There are four cities and towns in the Ogre region, and each holds a festival in the summer with an extensive cultural programme, a fair, attractions for... Read more

Published: 2023/09/12

The Home Café Days

The Home Café Days in Ogre Municipality will take place at the beggining of September, when the local harvest - vegetables, fruit, berries and... Read more

Published: 2023/09/12



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