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Sunday, July 14

Today is a name day for
Ritvars, Oskars, Anvars

Environmental objects in Ķegums

Address Ķegums park, Ķegums, Ogre municipality

When When the Ķegums HPP started in 1936-1938, the first residential houses of the workers' village in Liepu aleja, Ķegums railway station and post office were built. After the World War II, similar style residential houses were built on Skolas Street. The workers’ village can be considered the beginning of the city of Ķegums. Residential buildings still exist and are inhabited, and the adjacent Liepu Alley, which houses around a hundred planted lindens, still adorns the city's historic center.

In Ķegums Park the environmental object “Ķegums” was set up in the framework of the Citizen’s initiative promotion project in 2018. The key-lock grid created in the object, and decorated with the symbol of Ķegums - the sun – is intended for newlyweds to place their marriage keys.

"Sundial" was installed in Ķegums Park in 2013. The clock dial lines represent the sun path in the winter and summer solstice by showing summer time in summer and winter time in winter. Authors: M. Gills, A. Oleksans, J. Zaharevskis.