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Sunday, July 14

Today is a name day for
Ritvars, Oskars, Anvars

House of artist Jānis Kuga

Address 11 Janis Kuga street, Ikskile

The home of the artist and stage designer Jānis Kuga was built according to the artist’s own project. On July 2, 1989, a memorial plate was revealed near the house, which is the gift of The Art Academy of Latvia Department of Sculpture to the academy’s rector of many years. The building can be viewed from the outside only.

Artist Jānis Kuga is the founder of Latvian stage design. Born on December 12, 1878, in Ikšķile region.

Kuga has left a deep impression on the development of the Latvian theatre stage design. He created monumentally magnificent stage decorations for many plays and performances, demonstrating deep knowledge of the production age culture and architecture; he thoroughly studied the construction of ancient Latvian homes to successfully use it in stage decorations as necessary.

He created the altar piece for Ikšķile church, ceiling decorations for Rīga Castle. He painted landscapes, portraits, and still life and decorated the stage for the Proclamation of the Independent Latvian State on November 18, 1918.


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