18 oC

Sunday, July 14

Today is a name day for
Ritvars, Oskars, Anvars

The Vangusalas Dīnamarka rock

Address “Vangusalas”, Lielvarde parish, Ogre municipality

The rock was once placed next to the Vangusalas estate at the point where the borders of four rural municipalities – Lielvārde, Lēdmane, Rembate and Jumprava – meet. Two signs have been engraved in the rock: a bishop’s scepter and cross and a circle with a cross in the middle. The scepter and cross were symbols of the Rīga archdiocese and show that during the time of the Livonian Order (13th – 15th century) these lands along the Daugava had been part of the Rīga archdiocese territory and had been marked at Vangusalas.