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Sunday, July 14

Today is a name day for
Ritvars, Oskars, Anvars

3. Meņģele viewing tower and Crazy Dauka’s (Dullais Dauka) grove

Address Meņģele Parish, Ogre Municipality

The tower is located in the territory of the Ogre Valley nature park. It offers a wonderful view over the valley of the Ogre River, as well as the Aderkaši Orthodox Church. 

Meņģele rural territory is the place where the writer Sudrabu Edžus, the author of a story about a curious boy named Crazy Dauka (Dullais Dauka), was born and spent his youth. An oak-and-birch grove on the bank of the river Ogre was a favourite place of rest for the writer. In the 1970s, poet Imants Ziedonis with his contemporaries created Crazy Dauka’s path with special stones there. One of them bears the inscription Dullais Dauka (Crazy Dauka).



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