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Sunday, July 14

Today is a name day for
Ritvars, Oskars, Anvars

Ančiņi Devil's Stone

Address Laubere Parish, Ogre Municipality


From the Laubere–Madliena road (V920), one kilometre beyond the centre of Laubere, right after the bus stop Druvas, a gravel road branches off to the right. About 900 m further, just opposite the driveway to the Ančiņi homestead, you will spot the Devil's stone on the right side.  It lies 200 m westwards of the Ančiņi homestead.

The stone is 5.1 m long and 4.3 m wide. In old times, it was used as a place of sacrifice. The smooth surface has a partially artificially made longish hollow that collects rainwater. As late as the end of the 19th century, people used to come together in the evenings or on Midsummer Eve and make a fire on or at the stone. Because of its large size, the stone is a protected nature site.

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