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Saturday, June 22

Today is a name day for
Ludmila, Laimdots, Laimiņš

TOP 10 sights in Ogre Municipality

Ogre Municipality offers a chance to explore cultural and historical sites, to relax in nature and to admire beautiful landscapes. You are welcome to use your skills at one of the creative workshops or participate in wine or beer tasting.

Ikšķile church ruins on the St. Meinhard island

Ikšķile church ruins are the most ancient ruins of a stone building in Latvia, located on a small island, the St. Meinhard island, in the manmade reservoir of Rīga hydropower plant. Ikšķile church was built in 1185 under the government of bishop Meinhard, rebuilt in 1879 - 1881, ruined in 1916.

Medieval castle ruins in Lielvārde

The Medieval Castle Ruins in Lielvārde are an archeological monument of national significance. The stone castle and rampart was built at the beginning of the 13th century on the site of the ancient Livonian wooden castle. It was damaged by repeated war activity and was renewed several times, but since 1613, only ruins remain.

The Andrejs Pumpurs Museum in Lielvārde. Photo-Wind FilmsThe Andrejs Pumpurs Museum in Lielvārde

The Andrejs Pumpurs Museum located in the old Lielvārde Manor granary on the banks of the Daugava river. It is not only possible to gain information about the Latvian national hero Lāčplēsis, the author of the epic Andrejs Pumpurs, about Lielvārde and the Lielvārde belt at the museum, but visitors can actually become Lāčplēsis, Laimdota, Pumpurs.

Ķegums Cross Hill

The first cross here was placed on June 20, 1997. It was made at the suggestion of the local resident I. Brokāne. Over the years smaller and larger crosses from around the world have been placed here brought by pilgrims.

Meņģele tower. Photo-A.KalniņaLinde Manor Ruins, Park and Gate

Linde manor park was built from 1767-1772, where an interesting phenomenon is the Dutch linden tree plantations which seem to be growing with the roots up. 

Linde Manor Gate: In 1767, Georg Friedrichson von Plettenberg built the Linde Manor Gate in Baroque style, which is the only surviving part of the manor complex to this day. 

Meņģele viewing tower and Crazy Dauka’s (Dullais Dauka) grove

The tower offers a wonderful view over the valley of the Ogre River, as well as the Aderkaši Orthodox Church. It is located in the territory of the Ogre Valley nature park.

Ķeipene Cinema StationĶeipene Cinema Station

A cinema station, built inside the former railway station Ķeipene, was created by the staff and associates of the Film Forum Arsenāls. In the waiting room, there is an exhibition dedicated to the film director Sergei Eisenstein. There are environmental installations in the vicinity of the station.

Suntaži Manor and Museum

The manor house was built from 1780 to 1782 and modernised in the middle of the 19th century, giving it a neo-gothic appearance. It was destroyed and restored several times. After the damage in 1905, the castle was restored by its last owner Baron von Hahnenfeld. Since 1920, a school has been operating in the castle.

Brewery "IndieJānis"

In a tour of the beer brewery in Suntaži parish - Uperspils, you will learn how beer is made. Whether in a smaller or larger group, the brewery owner Jānis Rudzītis will welcome you and show you the facility, treat you with beer and tell you the history of the brewery.

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