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Sunday, July 14

Today is a name day for
Ritvars, Oskars, Anvars

Creative Workshops Dzīvais Māls (Live Clay) and Pie Mimi (At Mimi’s)

Address 2b Zilokalnu avenue, Ogre
Phone +371 26329403, +371 29286045, +371 26680645
E-mail info@pie-mimi.lv; dzivaismals_telpas@inbox.lv

At  Mimi’s, you can create colourful cookies, bake 'sklandrausis' (a pie traditional for the western region of Latvia), or glaze-paint on gingerbread.

Contact information: + 371 26680645, + 371 26329403

  info@pie-mimi.lv  www.pie-mimi.lv

Creative workshop Dzīvais māls (Live Clay) offers a chance to paint ready-made pottery or make some yourself.  

Advance booking is required.

Venues for festive occasions, creative workshops, wedding programmes, hen parties, and various themed events can host up to 40 persons.

Contact information: +371 29286045, + 371 26329403,


Overnight accommodation is also available for up to 6 people. On offer: a sauna, a hall with a fireplace and a pool.