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Sunday, July 14

Today is a name day for
Ritvars, Oskars, Anvars

Winery "Lauskis"

Address “Lauski“, Krapesmuiža, Lēdmane parish, Ogre municipality
Phone +371 26052137
E-mail vins.lauskis@gmail.com
WWW www.facebook.com/Vīna-darītava-Lauskis-408817713035446

The owner Vents Grīnbaums named the winery in honour of his great-grandfather Vilis Lauskis, who was a renowned fruit farmer and teacher at Bulduri Horticultural School. Much of the apple crop is still harvested from the great-grandfather's orchard, which is now nearly 100 years old.

The tour offers wine tasting in mystery-and-ghost-story-surrounded 300-year-old manor cellars with the owner telling about the wine-making process. After the tasting, you can take a walk through the Krape manor park and see the secular oaks and scenic views on the banks of the Lobe River.

Booking the visit is required.