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Sunday, July 14

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Manas garšas (My Tastes) Master Class

Address Akmeņu street 45, Ogre
Phone +371 29158362
E-mail klientiem@manasgarsas.lv
WWW www.manasgarsas.lv


Manas garšas is a family business in Ogre with the largest assortment of pepper, salt, sugar, herbs, spices and natural food colourings in Latvia, boasting over 200 products in total. The bulk of the assortment is made up of BIO products coming from biologically certified farms all over the world, including Latvia.

Each fragrant mix of spices is created according to an original recipe and is always freshly made. The recipes are so varied and specific that every gourmet will find something to their taste.

Creative workshops to suit everyone’s taste

The workshops are available for groups of up to 15 people and are an opportunity to create your own spice mix. The average duration of the event is 2 hours. During that time, a 10% discount applies to all products in the factory store. The hostesses of the workshop offer an exciting, informative and fragrant event for various groups, families and friends, as well as newlyweds and their guests.

An event to get to know, smell and taste flavours

Suitable for no more than 25 people. During the event, the workshop managers offer a show and tell about the spices and offer tastings. However, it does not include the creation of your own spice mix.

A workshop of colourful and edible paintings for children

Suitable for up to 15 children. A chance to play with yoghurt, natural colourings, fruits and berries to create colourful treats in the form of edible paintings.